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          Client Services

          Client Services

          IQ Design is a full service new product development group. ?Our team is focused on?helping you make good decisions, reducing hassles and getting to market fast.

          Research Concept Development Prototyping Concept Refinement Implementation

          Competitive Products

          Consumer Insights

          Emerging Technologies

          User Functionality


          Material Selection

          Process Selection

          Secondary Processes

          Graphics, Color, & Texture

          Hand Sketched Concepts

          CAD Modeling

          3D Printed Models

          Rapid Mock-Ups

          Film & Printing Development

          Pilot Tool Development

          Pilot Production

          Consumer Test Prototypes

          Final Geometry Revisions

          Bill Of Materials

          Quality Specifications

          Production Qualification

          Pallet Cube Design


          Mold Flow Analysis

          Project Management

          Supply Chain Integration

          Mold Design

          Production Timelines

          Testing Protocols

          Product Photography

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