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          Inspired Ideas, Brilliant Colors

          Creative Colors & Appearance for Your Applications

          Our industry-leading portfolio of colorants and color design services enable you to differentiate and win. We advance our customers' projects from concept to commercialization by engaging and helping them translate their design needs into intelligent brands and applications. We support you from idea to commercial introduction with experienced associates, a global reach and with our enthusiasm for creativity.?

          PolyOne colorant?solutions are available in liquid,?solid masterbatch, and dispersion forms.

          Ideas That Inspire: PolyOne?Color & Insights

          Working?with you early in your design process, before critical form, fit and function decisions are made, our team can?help you use?color to make your vision a reality. Learn more.

          Choices that Simplify: Our Portfolio

          With a vast portfolio of colorants solutions, from liquid color concentrates to solid masterbatches, we will collaborate with you to bring your color vision to life. LEARN MORE.

          Color Dosing Systems: ColorMatrix? FlexCart?

          With a FlexCart system, you can achieve continuous, consistent and accurate dosing. Learn More

          Onsite Efficiency: PINPOINT??Express Color and Dosing System

          Combining PolyOne colorant expertise with 3M technology, the PINPOINT system for short-run production lets you develop and manufacture colors in your own facility in just hours. Learn More.

          Collaboration That Counts: PolyOne Innovation Centers

          Visit our global network of Innovation Centers to discover existing materials or new formulations that will boost performance and processability in your application.
          Learn more.

          Fast Color Creation:?ColorMatrix? Select

          The ColorMatrix? Select service combines advanced liquid colorants, cloud-access software and automated dispensing technology to give greater control of color development and supply chain. Learn more.