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          PINPOINT? Express Color & Dosing System

          Want to learn more? Contact us today!?

          Looking for a way to take the lead time out of color development for injection molded parts?? The PINPOINT Express Color &?Dosing System lets you design, match and manufacture colors right on site.

          The system combines our proprietary software and liquid colorant technology with 3M’s dispensing and dosing technology. It redefines the color development process and takes it to a whole new level of efficiency, reducing lead times from weeks to as little as an hour!


          With the PINPOINT System, you can:

          • Gain faster speed to market
          • Eliminate longer lead times for color development and matching
          • Reduce your excess or expired colorant inventory



          PINPOINT? Express Color & Dosing System - Case Study

          PINPOINT? Development Brochure