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          Rapid Color Development

          ColorMatrix? Select Rapid Color Creation and Supply

          ColorMatrix? Select is a new color creation, selection and supply solution that enables greater control, choice, and speed in color development for injection molded plastic products. With the Select? system, you can design a color or make a color choice in minutes without leaving your lab.

          For manufacturers, designers and brand owners, this innovative system redefines the process of color development, elevating it to a new level of efficiency.


          As a ColorMatrix? Select customer, you will benefit from:

          • Immediate visibility of color performance and cost data for multiple formulation options
          • On-demand color supply
          • Full color choice with no minimum order quantities
          • Shorter development lead times enabling faster market access and multiple product introductions
          • Assured global color consistency
          • All the performance and process efficiency advantages of ColorMatrix? advanced liquid color


          ColorMatrix Select? Rapid Color Prototyping Technology
          ColorMatrix?FlexCart? Mobile Color Metering System