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          Color dosing systems: ColorMatrix? FlexCart?

          ColorMartix FlexCart?

          Flexible, consistent and accurate dosing

          ColorMatrix??FlexCart? Liquid Metering Systems

          These?volumetric dosing systems optimize the benefits of liquid colorant and additive technologies. Each ColorMatrix??FlexCart? model is highly flexible, and offers high-level dosing accuracy and controllability for all injection molding and extrusion applications. Simply choose the system that is best suited to your process and throughput; the state-of-the-art controller units on each model feature simple and intuitive operation panels—so you can begin working with your FlexCart system right away.

          With a FlexCart system, you can achieve continuous, consistent and accurate dosing—even at very low addition rates. The reliable low liquid level detection system alerts operators when product is running low; adding additional product does not require stopping the machine, so continuous production is possible without any loss of part color.?

          Product Name Description Attributes
          FlexCart? Flagship mobile metering system Progressing cavity or peristaltic pump, throughput up to 1000kg per hour
          FlexCart? Mini Flexible, mobile system with smaller footprint? Progressing cavity or peristaltic pump, throughput up to 650kg per hour
          FlexCart? Micro Free-standing system with small footprint Progressing cavity or peristaltic pump, throughput up to 250kg per hours
          FlexCart? Nano Smallest footprint in the range Peristaltic pump, throughput up to 50kg per hour