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          Vinyl Powder Coating Formulations

          Powder Coating Formulations

          Endless utility for virtually every consumer market

          PolyOne offers a diverse product line of Vinyl Powders for virtually every consumer market. These dry blends of suspension PVC resins are plasticized for flexibility and enhanced by the addition of heat or light stabilizers, color pigments, flame retardants, blowing agents, and other additives required for the intended product.

          Powder at room temperature, these formulations are sprayed, cast or fluidized depending on the compound. They can be matched to any color, varied based on processing and performance requirements, and will have a volatility range from less than 1% to 5% and a Durometer range of 60 Shore A to 75 Shore D. PolyOne can formulate and certify your vinyl powder for end-use automotive, FDA, UL, ASTM, NSF, USDA, military, medical or customer-specific applications.

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