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          Geon? VBX Series Vinyl Powder Formulations

          VBX Series

          Varied applications for automotive interiors

          VBX Series Vinyl Powders provide automotive OEMs superior haptics for automotive interior parts such as door panels, instrument panels, instrument panel airbag doors and center consoles. ?They are ideal for slush molding processes, when applications require a thin, uniform wall thickness.

          Slush molding produces hollow, flexible items by filling a mold with vinyl powder, heating it sufficiently to gel a layer next to the inner mold surface and removing the excess powder. The gelled layer is then completely fused and stripped from the mold. Rotational casting consists of a two-part mold filled with a predetermined weight of vinyl powder, inserted into a heated oven and rotated on the mold wall on two planes simultaneously.

          Our vinyl powders can be formulated and certified for end-use automotive, FDA, UL, ASTM, NSF, USDA, military, medical or customer-specific applications. To expedite product acceptance and qualification, PolyOne has received multiple OEM approvals for Geon VBX Series Vinyl Powders.

          • Low VOC for improved air quality and fog reduction
          • Low temperature performance for crack resistance and seamless airbag deployment
          • 100% molded-in color to eliminate need for painting
          • Grain & feature detail for superior aesthetics
          • UV stability for weathering and color retention performance
          • Chemical stability for improved product life
          • Design flexibility for improved product properties, detail and manufacturability
          • Custom formulation capability for optimal product performance?
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