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          Vinyl Plastisols + Organosols

          Dip coating and molding with vinyl plastisols from PolyOne offers you tremendous flexibility to find new solutions for your customers. These dispersions of PVC resins, in liquid form at room temperature, can be combined with heat or light stabilizers, color pigments, flame retardants, blowing agents and other required additives. Whether you need custom formulations or toll blending, vinyl plastisols provide the strength and versatility you need.

          Vinyl Plastisols for Healthcare

          Customizable and reliable formulations ideal for healthcare industry products.


          Wear Resistant Vinyl Plastisols

          Wear-resistant plastisols can be formulated to withstand repeated abrasion.


          Non-Phthalate Vinyl Plastisols

          Non-phthalate plasticizers safely provide the durability and flexibility you need.


          Vinyl Plastisols

          Liquid at room temperature, these customized resins can also be toll blended for any application.?


          Vinyl Organosols

          Create adhesive automotive decals, pin striping and labels for a range of signage applications.