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          Overmolding Solutions

          There are a variety of PolyOne TPEs designed to have excellent adhesion to a number of rigid plastic substrates for overmolding. The page below summarizes the common overmolding situations for medical, universal, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, nylon and copolyester.

          If you do not see your substrate in this page, please contact us directly; we can develop a custom overmolding TPE that is optimized to bond to your specific substrate.


          Medical Overmolding
          PolyOne has several USP VI overmolding products available for use in medical device applications.

          • Versaflex? CL 2242 and CL 2250 – Clear boilable grades for PP overmolding
          • Dynaflex? G2706 – Soft translucent grade for PP overmolding
          • Versalloy? HC 9210 & 9220 Series – Natural, colorable grades for PP overmolding
          • Dynaflex? G2711 – Highly colorable solution for overmolding onto PP.
          • Versaflex? OM 3060 – Silky clear solution designed for overmolding onto polycarbonate (PC), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and PC/ABS blends
          • Versaflex? OM 1040X – Highly colorable solution for overmolding onto PC, ABS, and PC/ABS blends

          Universal Overmolding

          Versaflex? OM 9-801N was developed to bond to a variety of substrates allowing molders to use the same thermoplastic elastomer with varying substrates.

          • Bonds to PC, ABS, PC/ABS, copolyester, and polystyrene?
          • 47 Shore A, Natural, colorable solution
          • UL 94-HB listed and FDA compliant

          Engineered Thermoplastics

          Overmolding Polycarbonate (PC) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

          PC, ABS and PC/ABS overmolding materials are available in water-clear, natural, thin wall overmolding, and high performance grades.

          • Versaflex? OM 3060 – 60 Shore A, silky clear overmolding solution
          • Versaflex? OM 9-802CL – 40 Shore A, grippy clear overmolding solution
          • Versaflex? OM 1000 Series – Colorable overmolding solution
          • OnFlex? S KE Series – Scratch resistant overmold
          • Versollan? OM 1200 Series – Ideal for thin-wall overmolding situations
          • Versollan? RU 2200 Series – Abrasion resistance, oil resistance, smooth feel

          Overmolding Nylon/Polyamides (PA)

          Overmolding to a wide variety of modified and filled nylons is now possible with solutions from PolyOne.

          • Versaflex? OM 6059-9 – High flow nylon overmold ??
          • Versaflex? OM 6200 – High bond strength ??
          • OnFlex? S KA – High temperature usage?
          • OnFlex? S KG – Enhanced processing for bi-injection molding

          Overmolding Copolyester (COPE)

          Copolyester overmolding can be achieved with several different solutions.

          • Versaflex? OM 9-802CL – Water-clear overmolding solution?
          • Versaflex? OM 1060 – Natural and black grades providing good surface finish ?
          • Versollan? OM 1200 Series – Excellent bond strength
          • Versollan? RU 2200 Series – Abrasion resistance, oil resistance, smooth feel

          General Purpose

          Overmolding Polypropylene (PP)

          PP overmolding is a common characteristic of thermoplastic elastomers from GLS. Our?Dynaflex? G 7900 Series and OnFlex? S EH Series are great starting places for your polypropylene overmolding application.?

          Overmolding Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

          PE overmolding can be achieved with our Dynalloy? OBC 8000 T grades.

          • Dynalloy? OBC 8000-T05 – Ultra soft and translucent
          • Dynalloy? OBC 8000-T40– 40 Shore A, translucent
          • Dynalloy? OBC 8000-T60 – 60 Shore A, translucent
          • Dynalloy? 8900 Series – Low density polyethylene (LDPE) overmolding

          Overmolding Polystyrene (PS)

          PS overmolding can be achieved with our Dynaflex? D series and our universal overmold.

          • Dynaflex? D Series - Economical polystyrene overmolding
          • Versaflex? OM 9-801N – Bonds to a wide variety of substrates