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          Libra? Toners and Ready-For-Use Colors

          Standard Colors and Toners

          Zodiac™ Libra™ silicone ready-for-use (RFU) athletic ink colors and toners provide a standard set of 27 colors that have been pre-matched for accuracy. Toners are used in combination with Zodiac Libra base inks to create custom colors.


          • Eliminates need to match colors
          • Achieves high stretch for print durability
          • Maintains opacity on athletic garments

          Product Bulletin

          Access our in-depth library of product information bulletins for printing parameters and instructions.

          Color Card

          Download our color card to learn more about the product range and colors available.

          Color Management

          Access the IMS 3.0 Ink Management Software

          Zodiac? Libra? Colors
          Color DescriptionReference
          Libra? Graphite Toner
          Libra? Gray Toner
          Libra? Silver Toner
          Libra? Navy Toner
          Libra? Royal Toner
          Libra? Burnt Orange Toner
          Libra? Red Toner
          Libra? Maroon Toner
          Libra? Old Gold Toner
          Libra? Teal Toner
          Libra? Mocha Brown Toner
          Libra? Cardinal Toner
          Libra? Kelly Toner
          Libra? Columbia Blue
          Libra? Pink
          Libra? Purple
          Libra? Gold Toner
          Libra? Yellow Toner
          Libra? Safety Orange
          Safety Yellow