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          LIBRA? Special Effects

          Differentiate Prints and Enhance Design 

          Zodiac™ Libra™ silicone special effect bases and toners help coat graphics to transform flat designs into prints that stand out. Add Zodiac Libra reflective, metallic, high definition gel, adhesive gel and crystal-clear gel coats on top of ready-for-use color and color concentrate inks to differentiate artwork on garments. 


          • Adds dimension to designs
          • Maintains durability and high stretch properties
          • Improves durability and crock resistance
          • Compatible with ready-for-use color and color concentrate inks

          Main Application

          Use with silicone bases to enhance and differentiate printed designs with metallic, flakes, reflective and clear effects

          Pigment Loading

          Up to 20%

          Mesh Count

          38-305tpi (15-120T)


          Product Bulletin

          Access our in-depth library of product information bulletins for printing parameters and instructions.

          Color Card

          Download our color card to learn more about the product range and colors available.

          Color Management

          Access the IMS 3.0 Ink Management Software