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          Libra? Bases and Additives

          Protect and Enhance Prints

          Zodiac™ Libra™ silicone ink bases and additives protect garments from screen printing ink bleed and dye migration, while improving print opacity on darker colored fabrics. Printers may choose between translucent, clear, matte and barrier bases to achieve design and performance requirements.


          • Maintains soft print feel
          • Achieves high stretch for print durability
          • Minimizes bleed on fabrics prone to dye migration

          Product Highlights

          Main Application

          Used with Libra pigments and toners to achieve performance requirements while maintaining flexibility and a soft, flexible hand

          Pigment Loading

          20% maximum

          Mesh Count

          Consult product information brochure for specific base systems

          Product Bulletin

          Access our in-depth library of product information bulletins for printing parameters and instructions.

          Color Card

          Download our color card to learn more about the product range and colors available.

          Color Management

          Access the IMS 3.0 Ink Management Software