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          Welcome to the world of Wilflex? Originals

          Wilflex Originals artwork is an exclusive collection of printed designs, created through collaboration between independent designers, printers and PolyOne.

          The designs were created to be both challenging in concept and application, yet still easy to reproduce in any production environment.

          We hope the Wilflex Originals collection will be an inspiration for tomorrow’s trends, and encourage designers to work closely with similar minded people, bringing excitement and innovation to what we do.

          If you would like to be part of this exclusive community of influencers in the textile decoration industry, or if you would like to put forward a new design or print, to be included in the next round of Originals, please?email us.

          We will continue to expand the Wilflex Originals artwork collection by adding new designs regularly, so be sure to look out for the next one!


          Follow Wilflex Inks:


          Terms and Conditions of Use of Wilflex? Originals:
          I understand that I can participate in the use of Wilflex? Originals in two ways:?(1) posting artwork and (2) using artwork. ?
          (1)?If I am posting artwork, I certify that the artwork is my original authorship, and I have not derived my artwork from the copyrighted work of any other person or company.?I also hereby grant to PolyOne Corporation, the owner of this website, and all other persons or companies who use this posted artwork, a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to all rights to which a copyright owner is entitled by any law in the world. ?
          (2)?If I am using artwork, I certify that I will respect the license granted to me or my company and will give proper attribution to (a) the location of this artwork to be http://www.minp7.com/products/screen-printing-inks/wilflex-originals?and (b) any author identified therein. ?


          A worn and rugged inspiration gives a vintage theme to this label.



          This design stands out with a unique?3D?postage stamp.



          Sharp edges and bold colors give life to this eye-catching design.


          Epic Sugar Skull

          Vibrant Wilflex Epic colors were used in this design for excellent opacity and wet on wet capability.


          Wilflex One Sugar Skull

          A smooth, vivid print was achieved in this design, the first nPVC Original.


          Oasis Sugar Skull

          Wilflex Oasis allowed for the elimination of cooling stages when printing this design.


          Totally Touchable

          Created with a variety of different Wilflex inks and techniques to ensure everyone can get an experience from a printed garment.


          Hill Tribe

          A technical, 4-color design proving that textile screen printing can compete with other printing techniques when limited to a color output of just four colors (CMYK).



          A technical print incorporating gel effects in the background along with realistic detail in the chrome and glass features of the car.


          Fire and Ice

          Fire and Ice, depicting a woman in either warm or cool colors, eyes open or eyes closed, depending on the angle from which she is viewed. Dowload: Art File and Printing Tips.


          See No Evil

          Prepare to be transported into a new dimension where colors pop, with See No Evil.



          See the convergence between
          humans and technology
          in the face of Singularity.

          See the convergence between humans and technology in the face of Singularity.


          Ink Management Tools

          Learn more about the ink management tools available from Wilflex?