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          Wilflex? Epic Special Effects Inks

          Unique, textured designs are now at your fingertips with Wilflex? Special Effects. When printed and cured on a garment these inks create unique surface textures and can be used as bases alone, or in combination with other additives such as pigment concentrates. Create textures, glitters, shimmers, glow in the dark or your own custom prints.?

          Clear Inks

          Create a functional or dimensional feature to your design with clear inks.


          Metallics, Shimmers and Glitters

          Choose from a variety of difference particle sizes to add that special shine.? ? ? ? ? ?


          Special Applications

          Choose from a wide array of special applications for your inks and dyes.


          Special Effects Infinite Kit

          Get started with a starter kit of the most popular special effect Epic inks.


          Texture Bases

          Whether your inspiration for a print design is something you have worn, touched or climbed, there is chance we can print it with Wilflex? Texture Inks.