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          Wilflex? Epic Color Mixing Solutions

          Wilflex? Epic Color Solutions are the simplest and most cost-effective way to achieve PANTONE? simulations. Every day, printers around the world count on Wilflex Color Systems to help them save time and money throughout the production process.

          From consistent, accurate matches in the ink room, to smooth running inks on press, Wilflex Color Systems deliver the results that printers trust to grow their business.

          Wilflex? EPIC? Rio Color Mixing System

          Epic?Rio uses the latest pigment technology to bring you colors that are vibrant, opaque and accurate - all in a non-phthalate, press-ready mixing system.


          Wilflex? Epic? Color System MX

          Easy to use?color mixing system with 15 intermixable colors to product PANTONE??simulations.


          Wilflex? Epic? Color System PC

          The ultimate mixing system designed for maximum versatility.


          Wilflex? Epic? Color System Equalizers

          Create high production, wet-on-wet printing with a matte finish and excellent crock resistance.