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          Non-Phthalate Plastisol Inks

          No matter where on the globe or the size of the screen print shop, Wilflex Epic inks lead the industry in product innovation, application techniques, education, compliance, and quality behind the brand.

          The Epic Series of Non-Phthalate Plastisol Inks

          Our development teams focus on regional and global needs for improved product design and performance. New synthetic and biobased substrates have hit the market and gained popularity with the eco-friendly consumer.?We are always on the look out for what the next trend will be. ?Fashion trends are hard to predict, but one thing for certain, screen printers depend on Wilflex to lead the way.

          Our Wilflex Epic product groups include:

          • Color Mixing Systems
          • White Inks
          • Special Effects
          • Premixed Colors
          • Solutions for Polyester Printing
          • Transfer Inks
          • Additives

          Wilflex? Epic White Inks

          Wide variety of white ink products to ensure you can always find the right ink to fill your needs.?


          Wilflex? Color Mixing Systems

          Wilflex? Epic Color Solutions are the simplest and most cost-effective way to achieve PANTONE? simulations


          Wilflex? Polyester Solutions

          Solutions for printing on polyester performance apparel.


          Wilflex? Special Effects Inks

          Create equalizers, glitters, shimmers, glow in the dark or your own custom prints.?


          Wilflex? Off the Shelf Colors

          A proven technology platform available for a wide range of specialty products and applications.


          Wilflex? Transfer Inks

          Designed to maximize creativity and productivity for hot split, hot peel and cold peel transfers.


          Wilflex? Epic Ink Additives

          Ink additives?designed to modify product performance,?meet your specific job requirements, and assist your creative efforts.?


          Screen Printing Ink Management Software: Wilflex?

          Easily manage color and inventory with this cloud-based ink room management software