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          Wilflex? One Polyester Solutions

          Printing on performance polyester is challenging if you don’t have the right ink choice. Heat-set dyes used in polyester fabrics gas when exposed to high heat during the screen printing process and can migrate into the ink layer. The intended white ink on a red polyester garment could end up being a pink imprint. ?

          Wilflex has the solution. The Wilflex One Unberbase Gray has high-performance bleed resistance properties to prevent dye migration and excellent fiber matte down to achieve a smooth first down surface with minimal ink deposit. The gray color provides a good neutral foundation to aide subsequent layers in quickly achieving opacity for an overall efficient process on the press.

          Get the Wilflex One advantage and start printing polyester garments with ease.

          Wilflex One Polyester Solutions
          Product Name Fabric Type Description
          Wilflex One Underbase Gray 100% Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends High-performance bleed resistance properties with excellent fiber matte down. Get smooth and under base surface with fewer strokes
          Wilflex One Low Bleed White 100% Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends Premium white for moderate bleeding blends
          Name Category Description  
          Wilflex? One LB White - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Non-PVC, non-phthalate premium plastisol white ink for applications on polyester and cotton/polyester blends
          Wilflex? One Series Inks - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Wilflex™ One has been formulated without PVC but prints and cures like a traditional plastisol
          Wilflex? One Underbase Gray 10645W1UBG - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Wilflex™ non-phthalate premium plastisol ink designed to block dye migration on 100% polyester and polyester blends
          Wilflex? Polyester Printing Solutions - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Polyester printing solutions and resources from Wilflex™ Epic, Wilflex™ Oasis and Wilflex™ One