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          Wilflex? One Clear Inks

          Wilflex One Clear is a versatile clear used to enhance the look and feel on any print. Its deep gloss is perfect for topcoat clear applications. The clear also works?as a carrier for metallic to?improve?or modify?aesthetics. Need a softer-hand? Add some clear to the Wilflex MX colors to help. ?

          Wilflex One Clear Inks
          Product Name Description
          Wilflex One Clear Gloss clear for topcoat applications or as a carrier for metallics and glitter. Add to MX colors as an extender or to improve soft-hand.
          Name Category Description  
          Wilflex? One Clear 10680W1W - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Non-phthalate gloss clear for topcoat applications or used as a carrier for metallic and glitter particles
          Wilflex? One Series Inks - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Wilflex™ One has been formulated without PVC but prints and cures like a traditional plastisol