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          Wilflex? Epic Armor LC Low Cure Under Base

          Wilflex? EPIC Armor LC is a low curing ink under-base designed to provide a barrier for aggressive migratory dyes. The lower curing temperature reduces the risk of dye migration during and after cure, helping to maximize bleed resistance and minimize the chance for fabric distortion. They also provide optimized viscosity for easier modulation in bucket, better flow on the press, and a smoother base layer on polyester garments.



          • Low curing temperature of 270°F (132°C)
          • Dye migration blocking properties
          • Smooth, soft hand base layer
          • Printer friendly viscosity
          • Available in black and gray
          Name Category Description  
          Wilflex Low Cure Portfolio - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Explore our best-in-class ink systems with low cure technology.
          Wilflex? Epic Armor LC - Product Bulletin
          Brochures & Product Information
          Wilflex™ Epic Armor LC is a premium low bleed under base ink.