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          Screen Printing Inks Technical Tips and Insights

          Wilflex? is making it easy to find answers and solutions! Our technical staff is ready to help you with any questions you may have.?Wilflex?color engineers can do more than help you find the right screen printing inks and dyes you need to make your printings successful, they can also help educate?you on the latest industry trends, techniques and best practices.

          Are you interested in learning how to print on brushed fibers? Is your shop exploring the possibilities of water-based inks? Maybe you’re curious about the latest color trends spreading across the globe. You can find answers to all those questions and more among our?screen printing?insights.

          Have Printing Challenges?

          We can provide insights into your most challenging ink printing questions. With over 50 years of industry experience, we can help you with the most difficult challenges. Explore below for help that?can keep your printing jobs running smoother and faster.?

          Wilflex?Screen Printing Inks Technical Tips and Insights

          Screen Printing Ink tips
          4-Color Process Separations
          After FX?- Post Press Special Effects
          Best Practices for Printing Polyester
          Confused about Compliance Standards
          Dye Migration Test
          Epic?- Optimizing Parameters
          Evaluation of Plastisol Ink
          Fabric Discoloration Test
          Gray Matter?- Printing Techniques
          Ink Curing Tips
          Ink Kitchen?Setup
          Mixing Accuracy
          Plastisol Ink Film Failure - The Cause and the Cure
          Printing on Performance Wear
          Screen Printing -?Recommendations?for?Mesh Thread Diameter
          Screen Printing 101
          Simpli5?- Understanding Performance of Quality Ink?
          Special Effect Tips
          Top Screen Printing Troubleshooting Questions
          Transfer Printing Application Chart
          Transfer Printing Troubleshooting
          Wet-on-Wet Printing Tips
          What is Discharge
          Whites?Ink Tips


          Ink Insights?
          A New Spin on Water Based Inks
          Color Theory - From Monitor to Print
          Gray Matter?- Printing Techniques
          Ink Chemistries?
          Creating a?Smoothing Screen