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          OnColor? SC Super Concentrate Technologies

          What if you could optimize color usage and improve sustainability without disrupting your current molding process??

          OnColor SC Super Concentrates enable increased use of recycled content without sacrificing color design to help meet sustainability initiatives and intensified pigment density to optimize color usage in one drop-in solution.?

          This unique technology is ideal for highly chromatic multi-layered PE, PP or PET based products including multi-layer blow molded containers and durable, weatherable lawn and garden products.


          With OnColor SC Super Concentrate technologies you can: ?

          • Increase opacity of outer layers in multi-layer constructions
          • Remove weight by reducing layer thickness?
          • Maintain color tolerance and opacity specifications
          • Meet PCR and recycled content requirements and mandates
          • Maintain current processes without the need for special carriers?
          Name Category Description  
          OnColor? SC Super Concentrate Technologies Optimize Color Usage and Expand Sustainability - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Product description, value solution, target market and applications of OnColor™ SC Super Concentrate Technologies