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          OnColor? PProTint? Colorants for Clarified PP

          OnColor? PProTint? Colorants

          Outstanding transparency for clarified PP

          OnColor? PProTint? concentrates provide outstanding transparent color for clarified polypropylene applications. These dye-free colorants often have better light stability in comparison to competitive products, and do not?bleed, crock or migrate.


          PolyOne can formulate OnColor PProTint in virtually any hue, in addition to 18 standard shades which include:

          • Lemon
          • Shamrock
          • Tropical punch
          • Raspberry
          • Licorice
          • Ocean blue
          • Royal blue
          • Root beer
          • Tangerine

          OnColor PProTint Colorants are supplied in a pelletized, non-dusting concentrate and formulated with a polypropylene-compatible carrier system that will minimize clarity reduction over multiple heat histories.

          • Transparent in clarified polypropylene
          • Compatible with letdown resin
          • Processes well in thermoplastic applications; commonly used in injection molding
          • FDA versions available