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          Fluorescent Color Concentrates

          OnColor™ Edgeglo™ Colorants

          Unique Glowing Effects for Resins

          OnColor™ Edgeglo™ Bright Edge Transparence Colorants are formulated fluorescent concentrates that cause the edges, embossing and reliefs on a part to glow brighter than the flat surfaces. These colorants are custom formulated to take advantage of the transparency and light transmission properties of the base resin.

          Because they are fluorescent, OnColor Edgeglo colorants absorb UV energy and then re-emit that energy through the visible regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The refractive characteristics of the transparent resin combine with this fluorescent property to create the glowing edge effect.

          Custom OnColor Edgeglo colorants can be formulated in a range of fluorescent hues that include yellow, lime green, red, orange, blue and violet. The most intense effects are usually seen with yellow shades.

          OnColor Edgeglo colorants are supplied as a pelletized concentrate and formulated with a carrier that is compatible with the letdown resin. They may be used in transparent resins such as acrylic, GPPS, PC, PET, PETG and SAN. The strongest effects are seen in acrylic and GPPS. A slight glowing-edge effect also is possible in clarified PP.

          OnColor Edgeglo colorants process well in thermoplastic applications. They are commonly used in injection molding and extrusion applications.

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          • Toys
          • Personal electronics
          • Candy and food wrappers
          • Consumer packaged goods
          • Aquarium accessories

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