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          Solid Color Masterbatches and Dry Blends

          Mesa™ Solid and Dry Blend Colorants

          Standard and Custom Availability

          Mesa solid color concentrates and dry blends are available in a wide range of standard colors, or can be easily customized to match your specifications. We offer cost-effective masterbatch or dry colorant solutions in small or large volumes that are compatible with a variety of resins. Add one of many available performance enhancing additives to create a complete solution for processing and marketing your product.

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          • Custom or standard colors with quick turnaround
          • Compatible with all major resins
          • Cost-effective solid masterbatch or dry colorant options
          • Creative colors and special effects
          • Additives to enhance function and performance
          • FDA qualified colorants available

          Brochures & Product Information

          Browse and download our literature to learn more about PolyOne solutions and services.

          Safety Data Sheets

          Important information about the health, safety and environmental impacts of PolyOne products.

          Technical Data Sheets

          Browse our library of product data sheets containing technical descriptions and details.

          Technical Literature

          Technical information, design guides, processing information and more.

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