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          Solid Color Masterbatches

          Brilliant colors help your products draw the attention of consumers, with 93% of consumers saying the first thing they notice about a product is its appearance. Make sure that when they look at your products, they like what they see.?

          With PolyOne you have access to a worldwide team of color experts who can help take your idea from pellet to part. We collaborate with you to formulate the colors you envision for your products, and have the plastics processing expertise to help you color and manufacture your products efficiently.

          OnColor? Colorants for Wire & Cable

          These concentrates efficiently stand up to the performance needs of wire and cable.


          OnColor? FX Special Effects

          Learn how molded-in color can offer the same eye-popping effects of paint at a greater efficiency and without the hassles and higher?costs.


          OnColor? HC Colorants for Healthcare

          We understand the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, and have developed formulations to meet or exceed your requirements?and help you manage risk.? ? ??


          OnColor? BIO Colorants

          These color concentrates perform well in many bioplastics?without compromising?the organic recyclability of the resins they enhance.?? ?


          OnColor? PProTint? Colorants for Clarified PP

          Achieve transparent color in virtually any shade for clarified polypropylene applications without compromising quality.


          OnColor? NiteBrite? Glow in the Dark Colorants

          These colorants offer up to 10 hours of glow-in-the-dark effects?in?applications including toys, safety equipment and sporting goods.?