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          Colorant Chromatics? PES/PSU/PPSU Color Concentrates

          Color concentrates for high-temperature resins

          Get consistent color and excellent homogenization with Colorant Chromatics? masterbatches for?polyethersulfone (PES), polysulfone (PSU)?and polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). These robust formulations enable you enhance aesthetics and increase production efficiency without disrupting your existing processes or?needing to invest in new machinery.

          Our experts can work with you to improve product quality, reduce waste and?streamline your operation to allow you to react to market trends faster.?Masterbatches?are based on specific resins from companies?such as BASF and Solvay.


          • Pigment strengths can be tailored for specific?applications
          • Standard and?custom?colors
          • Laser markable colors
          • Pre-colored compounds

          PES/PSU/PPSU Color Concentrates
          Product Name Description Attributes
          Colorant Chromatics? PES /PSU/PPSU Masterbatch Color Concentrates for PES / PSU /PPSU Standard, custom and laser markable colors; pre-colored compounds also available
          Name Category Description  
          Colorant Chromatics PPSU Masterbatch - Colors for High Temperature Injection Molding Applications - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          High-temperature colorants for polyphenylsulfone resin
          Colorant Chromatics PSU Masterbatch - Colors for High-Temperature Injection Molding - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          High-temperature colorants for polyphenylsulfone resin
          Food Handling Components - Case Study
          Case Study
          Colorant Chromatics™ Precolor and Masterbatch Formulations is the solution for food handling and cooking components.