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          Colorant Chromatics? PEEK Concentrates

          PEEK Concentrates

          Choose from standard colors or design custom colorants

          Colorant Chromatics??PEEK masterbatches?are available in a range of standard colors or they can be designed according to your Pantone, Munsell or RAL color specifications. You can expect uniform and consistent dispersion to improve the processing efficiency and aesthetics of your?injection molded and extruded?parts.

          Choose formulations that meet your processing requirements. Key considerations should include?addition ratio, screw design, extrusion or cycle speed and other factors, such as wall thickness and part design.?Masterbatches?are based on specific resins from companies?such as?Victrex, Solvay, Evonik and Panjin.


          • Pigment strengths can be tailored for specific?applications
          • Standard and?custom?colors
          • Laser markable colors
          • Pre-colored formulations
          • Heavy metal-free