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          Colorant Chromatics? PFA / MFA Concentrates

          High-performance colorants to match your production needs

          There are a number of considerations when choosing a color solution for fluorpolymer applications. Design factors such as shape or wall thickness are important while areas like screw design and line speed all influence the choice of materials.?Colorant Chromatics? masterbatch formulations for PFA and MFA can be precisely tailored ?to suit the specific needs of your application and your process.

          Let us help you choose an existing formulation?or?design a custom color based on your needs. Our colorants can be produced using a wide variety of specialty base resins from companies such as Chemours, Dyneon, Daikin, Asahi Glass and Solvay.?


          • Standard and custom colors
          • Pigment strengths can be tailored for specific applications
          • Laser markable colors
          • Pre-colored compounds
          • Heavy metal-free colors available