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          Colorant Chromatics? ECTFE / ETFE Concentrates

          Individually optimized for your specifications and application

          Colorant Chromatics? ECTFE and ETFE masterbatch colorants are produced using state-of-the-art equipment, and can?optimize pigment dispersion to streamline your process to help?improve the?physical properties of your molded and extruded products.?

          Available in small or large volume quantities, these colorants are suitable for a range of applications?including insulation, film, tubing and profile shapes, wire and cable jacketing and injection molded parts. Talk to our team to find the best solution for your process. Color formulations can be supplied using a variety of specialty base resins from companies such as Chemours, Dyneon, Daikin, Asahi Glass and Solvay.


          • Standard and custom colors
          • Pigment strengths can be tailored for specific applications
          • Laser markable colors
          • Pre-colored compounds
          • Heavy metal-free colors available


          Name Category Description  
          Colorant Chromatics ETFE Film Brochure
          Brochures & Product Information
          Stade Oceane stadium built with ETFE colorants to optimize pigment dispersion