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          Stan-Tone? EPX Epoxy Dispersions

          For thermoset epoxy in construction and similar applications

          Stan-Tone? EPX Epoxy Dispersions are used in a variety of thermoset epoxy systems as protective coatings, adhesives, epoxy flooring, electrical potting, laminates and decorative jewelry. Produced using high-quality?pigments and optimized to fit your specific requirements, these dispersions contain high pigment loadings?and can be diluted to provide lower viscosities.?


          • Meets requirements for heat stability, light-fastness, weatherability, toxicity and other factors
          • Cost-effective pigment system
          • May be pre-mixed into the epoxy resin prior to adding the curative for optimum uniformity
          • High pigment loadings
          • Colors can be blended to achieve a range of hues
          • Products available in varying viscosity from liquid to paste
          Name Category Description  
          GSDI Advanced Dispersions Product Overview
          Product Selection Guide
          Learn how PolyOne's pre-dispersed colorants and additives give you the consistency and quality your products deserve
          Silicone Dispersion Technologies
          Colorant and additive dispersions that provide enhanced performance and color consistency. 
          Stan-Tone? EPX - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Learn about the high pigment loading of these colorants that allows for excellent economics.