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          ColorMatrix? Joule? Reheat Additive for PET

          Cut energy usage and enhance aesthetics

          Sustainability remains high on the packaging industry’s agenda and eco-friendly solutions that don't?add?complexity and cost are winners amongst brands, converters and resin suppliers. ColorMatrix??Joule? technology hits the mark. These innovative infrared-absorbing additives are added to PET resin at the reactor?stage to provide an eco boost during the blowing of container preforms.?But the benefits don’t stop there. Aesthetic quality?at point of sale and further energy gains downstream during multiple heat processes are all part of the package.?Choose from two base formulations to give your PET products improved performance without compromising on sustainability.?


          • Advanced infrared absorption capability
          • Inherent toning capability
          • Improved recyclability for blended resins
          • Helps maintain visual clarity through multi-trip recycling

          ColorMatrix Joule Reheat Additive for PET
          Product Name Description Attributes Attributes
          ColorMatrix? Joule RHB Inorganic dispersion that improves infrared absorption Excellent clarity Inherent toning capability and full recyclability
          ColorMatrix? Joule RBK Carbon black dispersion that improves infrared absorption Good clarity Consistent performance
          Name Category Description  
          ColorMatrix Joule? Reheat Additive - Technical Bulletin
          Technical Bulletin
          Tips for getting the best results when stretch blow molding with ColorMatrix™ Joule™ Reheat Additive
          ColorMatrix Joule? RHB Fast Reheat Dispersions - Technical Bulletin
          Technical Bulletin
          Best practices for handling and using ColorMatrix™ Joule™ RHB Fast Reheat Dispersions
          ColorMatrix? PET Resin 2017 Brochure
          Brochures & Product Information
          Joule advanced reheat agents and Optica toners for improved PET polymer processing, aesthetics and recyclability