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          OnCap? CTR Process Optimization

          OnCap? CTR Process Optimization

          Interested in producing more good parts faster with your current machinery? OnCap? CTR additive concentrate is a cycle time reducer that delivers measurable results. Adding OnCap CTR solutions to your process at low loading levels can return multiple benefits: more advanced part design capabilities, increased production efficiency and quality, reduced scrap, and improved energy efficiency.?? ?

          Take your plant’s manufacturing efficiency to a new level. Incorporate OnCap CTR into your?formulations and watch your productivity take off.?Contact us and let’s find the right OnCap CTR formulation for your process and application.?? ??? ??? ??? ?


          When you choose OnCap CTR to cut your production cycle times, you’re also making a choice to give your product a leg up on the competition. You expand into new markets and product offerings, enhance your brand image, increase production efficiency and capacity, and drive environmental sustainability.

          Product Enhancement

          • Improved dimensional stability by reducing part shrinkage
          • Better surface appearance through improved mold release
          • Widened processing window via greater control of the resin process temperature

          Brand Enhancement

          • Improved appearance of finished parts
          • Decreased material degradation as a result of heat
          • Increased production efficiency
          • Improved thermal conductivity, cutting time for plastication and cooling
          • Increased injection speed, mold release, and extruder output due to optimized lubrication characteristics
          • Improved post-mold handling, often with the elimination of secondary operations


          • Lowered processing temperatures
          • Increased machine efficiency


          Name Category Description  
          Automotive Radiator Shroud - Case Study
          Case Study
          OnCap? CTR solution helps luxury European automaker meet peak demand, better flow and moldfilling, and reduced cycle times
          Color and Additives Solutions Overview
          BU Overview
          Customized color and additive solutions
          OnCap? CTR - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Process optimization solutions; product description, value and applications