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          ColorMatrix? rePrize? IV builder for PET

          Rebuild intrinsic viscosity to reuse more waste or recycled PET

          The rePrize? chain extender offers a cost-effective way to rebuild intrinsic viscosity (IV) and increase your use of reclaimed or recycled PET. By increasing the use of?scrap or recycled PET material generated during extrusion of products such as BOPET film, PET sheet and fiber, you can avoid complex and expensive solid state processing and improve your sustainability profile.?


          • Fully compatible with PET
          • Food contact approved formulations are available
          • Rapid reactive extrusion processing is completed in minutes
          • Liquid based formulation preserves active action until extrusion to ensure?excellent performance?at low addition rates
          • No prior thermal history ensures no additional yellowing
          Name Category Description  
          ColorMatrix? rePrize? Brochure
          Product description and process highlights for ColorMatrix™ rePrize™.