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          WithStand? Antimicrobial Technology

          Let’s face it – germs are everywhere, especially on tactile communicating polymer surfaces. Whether your customers are consumers, food and beverage manufacturers, hospitals, or patients, you want to be able to combat surface microbe formation and growth on your product’s plastic surfaces. Our material science knowledge and efficacy experience formulating with almost every polymer that exists on the planet, our WithStand? Antimicrobial Technology provides a proven, effective, durable, uncompromised solution to limit microbe development in finished plastic devices. It also helps to reduce odor, staining, discoloration, loss of mechanical properties and other detrimental effects of microbe growth.


          Our customers select WithStand antimicrobial and antifungal additives to enhance the performance and value of the products and devices they supply to the consumer, food, cosmetic, health and wellness industries in the following ways:

          • Increased Speed to Market: By providing a “one stop” solution to reduce microbe growth, the WithStand Antimicrobial Technology portfolio and service can help customers address microbial problems quickly and effectively.
          • Lower Product Development and R & D Cost: While WithStand products have already conducted baseline efficacy performance in a comprehensive array of polymers, our antimicrobial suppliers and analytical laboratories are able to supply additional testing as needed, which reduces the cost of product development. PolyOne can provide R&D consult and samples for scale up to production, further simplifying your development process.
          • Product Optimization: Thanks to our knowledge, experience and technical expertise, we supply both masterbatches and fully compounded materials to maximize the potential benefits to our customers. Choose the preferred solution for your application, including customized antimicrobial additive, base polymer, and additional color or functional additives. Inquire about our Smartbatch? technique, where efficient solution delivery can occur!
          • Consistent Product Quality: Our experience working within our own internal Food, Drug, and Medical (FDM) - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and our suppliers’ partners expertise guarantees that your product meets the agreed-upon specifications.
          • Compliance Assistance: The experts at PolyOne can help educate customers and enable them to navigate the “antimicrobial maze” of requirements including additive choice, product specification, claims development, and testing – arriving at the perfect optimized solutions for their products.?
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