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          OnCap? Scratch & Mar Resistance Technology

          OnCap? Scratch & Mar Resistant Technology

          Plastics applications in automotive and other industries face a lot of wear-and-tear in daily use. OnCap? Scratch & Mar resistance additives are customized solutions enabling you to manufacture products that better maintain their finished quality. The end result? You’ll protect your brand’s reputation for quality and durability, while your customers will enjoy the long-term “like new” appearance of your products.


          OnCap? Scratch and Mar resistance technologies have been tested and proven compatible across a wide range of polymers and plastics processes, and have proven to be especially successful when incorporated into polyolefins. Because of their outstanding resistance, they are particularly suitable for automotive and other applications requiring resistance to daily surface abrasion.

          Contact PolyOne to learn how we can help you preserve the beautiful surface finish of your applications.


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          BU Overview
          Customized color and additive solutions
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