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          OnCap? HC Additives for Healthcare

           OnCap? HC Additives for Healthcare

          OnCap?HC additive formulations enhance performance and processing of specialized medical devices or pharmaceutical goods.

          OEMs, processors, and converters can all benefit from this additive portfolio, specially developed for healthcare applications. By working to understand your unique requirements, we provide the additive solutions that can effectively meet the demands of your customers and applications.

          OnCap HC additive technologies enable you to enhance product performance and improve processing efficiencies, plus you’ll have a range of technical support and services at your fingertips.


          OnCap healthcare additive solutions include:

          • Antimicrobial technology
          • Surface energy modification, including low retention
          • Authentication technology
          • Lasermarking
          • Sterilization and content protection
          • Processing optimization and CTR’s
          • FDA compliant resin and color changeover solutions
          Name Category Description  
          Colorants & Additives for Healthcare - Application Bulletin
          Application Bulletin
          Essential polymer solutions for critical healthcare applications
          OnCap? HC Additives for Healthcare - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Learn about additives are specially formulated to meet material performance requirements in today’s healthcare environments.