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          OnCap? Fragrance Technologies

          What if you could add an identifying scent to your products to engage consumers’ senses beyond just the visual?

          OnCap Fragrance Technologies let you customize various scents to do just that. We offer floral and fruit scents for a number of applications including personal care packaging, wearable electronics devices and even sporting goods.?

          In addition to attractive fragrances, we can also provide scents that repel small animals and insects to protect wire and cable from damage.

          These additives are ideal for PE, PP or PET polymer-based applications including multi-layer, blow-molded containers and injection-molded, wearable applications.

          With OnCap Fragrance Technologies, you can: ?

          • Customize to a preferred scent for consumer products
          • Release fragrance to cover unpleasant smells in specific areas
          • Protect wire and cable from damage by small animals and insects

          OnCap Fragrance Technologies can be customized from the following choices:?

          • Fragrance type: Lavender, apple, banana, sporty, repellent, customized fragrances
          • Base resin: PE, PP, PS, PC, PET, PBT, PLA, EVA, PA
          • Color: Standard colors, customized colors?