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          Flame Retardant Additives

          OnCap™ Flame Retardant Additives

          Promotes Fire Safety

          OnCap™ Flame Retardant Additives let manufacturers design with confidence for critical flame and smoke applications. When burning, these additives create a char that limits oxygen at the flame source, causing components to become self-extinguishing.

          Using OnCap Flame Retardant Additives ensures safety codes and regulation requirements are met while increasing the built-in safety of products. These additives are available in halogen or non-halogenated formulations across a variety of resins and can also be customized for specific needs. Use in a broad range of applications such as aerospace, automotive, public transportation, wire & cable, or building & construction.

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          • Reduces spread of fire and heat release
          • Limits quantity of smoke to allow people to find their way to safety more easily
          • Limits toxicity and acidity of gases so people are less likely to be overcome by fumes
          • Enhances char formation, avoiding droplets which can proliferate fire
          • Meets regulation and legislation requirements

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          OnCap? Flame Retardant Additives
          Product Bulletin
          OnCap™ Flame Retardant Additives key characteristics, target applications and impact.

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