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          OnCap? Denesting Additive

          When separating stacked containers during food packaging filling operations, nested containers that stick together can cause costly manufacturing disruptions, such as picking errors, scrap generation, and equipment downtime. What if you could more easily denest food trays and containers during manufacturing and filling without affecting the quality of the packaging?

          OnCap? DeNesting additive lowers the coefficient of friction (COF) of the surface of thermoformed containers to allow their easy separation. And unlike silicone and other denesting agents, OnCap DeNesting additive doesn't require extra steps in the manufacturing process, maintains the transparency of the sheet, and allows for metallization and printing of the packaging.



          With OnCap DeNesting additive solutions you can formulate thermoformed packaging that:

          • Has a low COF (coefficient of friction) to allow containers to separate easily from a layered or stacked starting point
          • Reduces scrap and production downtime caused by containers that bind together during packaging operations
          • Complies with FDA packaging requirements
          • Preserves the transparency of PET packaging
          • Enables metallization and printability of the packaging
          Name Category Description  
          Denesting Additive for Food Packaging - Case Study
          Case Study
          Liquid non-stick solution creates optimal slide with no haze
          Food Packaging - Case Study
          Brochures & Product Information
          OnCap DeNesting™ Non-stick solution reduces food packaging waste and customer complaints 
          OnCap? DeNesting - Case Study (Chinese)
          Case Study
          PolyOne offers OnCap™ DeNesting additive solutions to enable effective package separation and improve manufacturing operations such as mold release during thermoforming and packaging pick and place operations