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          OnCap? Antistatic Additives

          In everyday life, static electricity can be a nuisance. But in the world of product manufacturing, it can be a major disruption. As polymer material moves through shear-inducing production equipment, positive or negative static charges can build up on the surface. This static buildup can then cause the resulting parts, film or sheet to cling to one another or stick to the mold or tool. And, these static charges can remain in the parts well after production. This can cause them to attract and collect oppositely charged dust – on an automotive dashboard, for example – or can create unwanted charges on the surface of?electrical equipment.

          OnCap? Antistatic Additives control the buildup of static charges in thermoplastic parts, enabling them to dissipate by absorbing and ionizing moisture from the air, which forms a conductive path for surface static charges.

          Are you in a battle with static? Contact one of our experts to learn more about how we can help you to use antistatic additives or find more information in the resources below.


          • Reduce cycle times, maximize throughput and lower operating costs by releasing and separating parts more quickly
          • Create safer, static-dissipated parts in applications such as electronic equipment and packaging, military and healthcare
          • Improve product appeal by reducing static charge–related dust accumulation
          • Can be combined with other additives or colorants into a single Smartbatch? concentrate
          • Compatible with a variety of processes including blow molding, injection molding, extrusion and film processing
          • FDA-approved formulations available
          Name Category Description  
          OnCap? Antistatic Additives - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Control static charge; implementation and applications