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          ColorMatrix? HyGuard? Oxygen Scavenger for PET

          ColorMatrix? HyGuard?

          Oxygen scavenging in a crystal clear package

          ColorMatrix??HyGuard? combines high-performance oxygen scavenging and superb clarity in?one must-have PET additive. This unique two-part oxygen barrier system causes zero hazing or discoloration in your container, and is also the first oxygen scavenging technology recognized by the EPBP and APR as having no negative effect on the PET recycling stream. Activation only occurs once the container closure is applied, allowing maximum longevity for preform or container storage. You can precisely tailor the level of content protection, giving you total shelf life control.?


          • Suitable for full bottle-to-bottle recyclability
          • Can be combined with other additive technologies without compromising performance
          • Enables container lightweighting
          • No additive in the container wall
          • Enables excellent control of shelf life
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          ColorMatrix HyGuard Product Info Brochure
          Brochures & Product Information
          Product information and technical data sheet for HyGuard? oxygen scavenging system