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          ColorMatrix? Amosorb? Oxygen Scavenger for PET

          Extend shelf life in PET packaging

          ColorMatrix? Amosorb? Oxygen Scavengers create an active barrier against oxygen ingress to help you enhance product protection and extend shelf life. Cost-effective, flexible and used all around the world, this is a must-have additive for businesses looking to stay competitive in the beverage packaging industry.?


          • Always active scavenging - no activation required
          • PET grade flexibility
          • Global food contact approval for PET packaging
          • ColorMatrix Amosorb complies with EU and FDA food contact legislation. Full regulatory details are available on request.

          ColorMatrix Amosorb for PET
          Product Name Description Attributes
          ColorMatrix? Amosorb? Oxygen scavenger for PET applications Supplied in solid pellet form, shelf life can be tailored
          Name Category Description  
          Coconut Water in PET Bottles - Whitepaper
          White Paper
          Discover how PolyOne’s ColorMatrix Amosorb oxygen scavengers and Ultimate UV™ light barrier can protect coconut water from oxygen and light-induced degradation
          ColorMatrix Amosorb - Brochure
          Learn how ColorMatrix’s Amosorb™ and Amosorb™ SolO2 provide advanced product protection extending the shelf life of oxygen sensitive beverages and foods packed in PET containers