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          OnCap? Chemical Foaming Agents

          Want to reduce the weight of your products, improve your cycle times and maintain an excellent surface finish? OnCap? Chemical Foaming Agents can help you realize all of these goals in a single additive concentrate. These versatile solutions have been tested and proven across a range of polymers, processes and applications. Call us to discover how these specialty additives can boost your company’s manufacturing efficiency.


          Looking for the means to boost efficiency in your plastic processing operation? Here are four key reasons to select OnCap? Chemical Foaming Agents for your manufacturing process:

          • Reduce your material use: Customers have reduced their material consumption by up to 50% without compromising finished part integrity.
          • Safely reduce finished part weight: Reducing the weight of your finished parts can simplify logistics in your facility, and help you spend less and meet goals for sustainability by reducing the fuel you require for shipping and transport.
          • Improve product efficiencies: These specialty additives promote increased nucleation to reduce cooling times, thereby promoting reduced cycle times and more efficient use of your production machinery.
          • Help your customers expand: Companies across many industries must reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency. Make your business an integral part of your customers' weight reduction efforts by helping them meet these new standards.
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          OnCap? Chemical Foaming Agents - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
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