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          ColorMatrix? Excelite? Chemical Foaming Agents

          Designed for extrusion and injection molding applications

          Reducing weight and density remains a key driver with extrusion and injection molding applications, and the ColorMatrix??Excelite? portfolio contains a range of high-performance liquid foaming additives that give you greater control of your production tolerances. This translates into numerous process efficiency, aesthetic and performance benefits that can help you differentiate, improve the bottom line and take products to market faster.


          • Applications: Formulations are available for specific construction applications such as profiles, siding, decking, molding and pipes. This technology is also suitable for digital print applications where smooth surface finish is a requirement.
          • Enhanced Production Control and Flexibility:?This liquid technology?can be metered accurately and delivered directly into the extruder feedthroat. This enables even distribution of the foaming agents,?improving consistency in cell structure and reproducibility.
          • Smooth Surface Finish:?A fine, consistent cell structure can be achieved to create a smoother surface finish, boosting aesthetic impact and enabling?greater print clarity and definition for digital print applications.
          • Cost Savings:?Processors can typically achieve densities of 0.50g/cm and less without compromising surface finish quality or other physical properties. Metering accuracy?provides?further manufacturing?efficiencies and energy savings.
          Name Category Description  
          ColorMatrix? Excelite Foaming Agents
          Product Bulletin
          High performance liquid foaming additives for vinyl, polyethylene, and polystyrene foaming applications 
          ColorMatrix? Excelite? IM - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Product description, key characteristics, markets and applications of ColorMatrix™ Excelite™ IM