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          ColorMatrix? Optica? Toners for PET

          Brighter, haze-free containers resonate with consumers

          Create attractive, haze-free containers that resonate with consumers. Organic, high-performance ColorMatrix? Optica? PET toners offer aesthetic and processing benefits for PET resin manufacturers?and further downstream for brand owners during container production.


          • Attractive container aesthetic
          • Precise color control
          • Improved processing efficiency
          • Cost effective
          Name Category Description  
          ColorMatrix Optica? Global PRT Toner Dispersions - Technical Bulletin
          Technical Bulletin
          Best practices for handling and using ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Global PRT Toner Dispersions
          ColorMatrix Optica? Toners - Technical Data Sheet
          Technical Literature
          Optica? toners applications, implementation, addition rate, performance, supply and contact details