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          GSDI? Silcocat? Peroxide Dispersions for Silicone

          Stabilize your silicone peroxide formulation levels

          Facing the challenge of varying and inconsistent purity levels of silicone molding? GSDI? Silcocat? Peroxide Dispersions can improve your silicone molding process by helping you to overcome poor dispersion, slow incorporation and safety challenges associated with powdered organic peroxides.?At GSDI, the assay of every batch is adjusted to ensure that your formulations deliver the consistent performance you're looking for.


          • Ease of use
          • Fast weigh-up
          • Improved?consistency
          Name Category Description  
          GSDI Advanced Dispersions Product Overview
          Product Selection Guide
          Learn how PolyOne's pre-dispersed colorants and additives give you the consistency and quality your products deserve
          GSDI Silicone Solutions
          BU Overview
          Next generation silicone solutions for a wide range of markets and applications, including automotive, consumer, healthcare, military and more
          Silcocat? Peroxide - Brochures & Product Information
          Brochures & Product Information
          Silcocat? for silicone rubber characteristics, specifications and packaging information
          Silicone Dispersion Technologies
          Colorant and additive dispersions that provide enhanced performance and color consistency.