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          Aquamix? Chemical Additive Dispersions

          Water-based concentrates for latex

          Improve production efficiency and shorten the development cycle of your?application with consistent and reliable formulations. The?Aquamix? portfolio of?water-based chemical dispersions includes anti-oxidants, curatives, tackifiers and more specialized ingredients that can help you streamline operations to respond quickly to industry trends.


          • Single and multi-ingredient components

          • Curative blends available
          • Shortened product development cycles
          • Formulated intermediates
          • Streamlined manufacturing operations
          • Fire-retardant solutions

          Product Name Description Attributes
          Aquamix? Water-Chemical Additive Dispersions Aqueous additive dispersions Single and multi-component systems are available. Additive and cure-blend packages can be developed where required.
          Name Category Description  
          Aquamix? Dispersions & Emulsions - Fact Sheet
          Technical Literature
          Aquamix? dispersions ingredients and chemical names fact sheet
          Aquamix? Dispersions and Emulsions - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Learn about how our high quality antioxidant dispersions and emulsions achieve standardization in meeting global requirements.
          Aquamix? LTX Performance Latex Series - Fact Sheet
          Technical Literature
          Aquamix? LTX Performance Latex Series applications fact sheet
          GSDI Advanced Dispersions Product Overview
          Product Selection Guide
          Learn how PolyOne's pre-dispersed colorants and additives give you the consistency and quality your products deserve