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          ColorMatrix? Triple A? Acetaldehyde Scavenger for PET

          Acetaldehyde scavenging to reduce off-tastes in PET

          ColorMatrix? Triple A? can help you reduce and control acetaldehyde levels that can cause off-tastes in your PET-packaged water. Implement this cost-effective, reliable additive during PET processing without compromising production efficiency or recyclability.


          • Up to 80% reduction in AA levels
          • Highly accurate AA control
          • Reduced product risk
          • Facilitates use of RPET and regrind
          • Universal PET resin and color compatibility
          • PET clarity maintained during recycling
          Name Category Description  
          ColorMatrix Triple A? - Brochure (Chinese)
          Product information  for ColorMatrix™ TripleA™ additive technology, which reduces Acetaldehyde levels in PET packaging
          ColorMatrix Triple A? - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Additive technology which reduces Acetaldehyde levels in PET packaging
          ColorMatrix? TripleA? Product Information - Brochure
          Product information and technical data sheet for ColorMatrix? TripleA? additive technology, which reduces Acetaldehyde levels in PET packaging