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          Fiber Colorant Solutions

          MagIQ™ Masterbatch Fiber Colorants

          Quality Masterbatches, Either in PET, PBT, or PA

          Commercialized under our global brand MagiQ Fiber Colorants & Additives, which includes Magenta Master Fibers, IQAP, OnColor and OnCap, our Masterbatch fiber colorants include black, white, single pigment dispersion and custom colors, as well as additives and special products. The product portfolio covers an extensive selection of quality Masterbatches, either in PET, PBT, or PA, specially formulated to meet various demands.

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          • Excellent quality/consistency
          • Excellent color consistency of yarns
          • Excellent color fastness (light, washing, dry heat, etc.)
          • Environmental advantages

          Brochures & Product Information

          Browse and download our literature to learn more about PolyOne solutions and services.

          Safety Data Sheets

          Important information about the health, safety and environmental impacts of PolyOne products.

          Technical Data Sheets

          Browse our library of product data sheets containing technical descriptions and details.

          Technical Literature

          Technical information, design guides, processing information and more.

          Name Category Description  
          Fiber Solutions Overview
          BU Overview
          Explore PolyOne's range of fiber solution offerings, including: MagIQ™ Fiber Colorant and Additive technology. 
          MagIQ? Fiber Solutions Shade Card - Nylon
          Color Card
          MagIQ™ Fiber Solutions Shade Card: Nylon
          MagIQ? Fiber Solutions Shade Card - Polyester
          Color Card
          MagIQ™ Fiber Solutions Shade Card: Polyester
          MagIQ? Fiber Solutions Shade Card - Polypropylene
          Color Card
          MagIQ™ fiber solutions shade card: Polypropylene

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