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          MagIQ? Fiber Colorants

          Our wide range of MagIQ? colorants and additives, whether the specific needs are for polyester, polypropylene or polyamide, can be delivered as a solid masterbatch or liquid concentrate.

          MagIQ? Masterbatch Fiber Colorants

          Includes black, white, single pigment dispersion and custom colors, as well as additives and special products.?


          MagIQ? Liquid Fiber Colorants

          Puts a new spin on fiber coloration.?


          Fiber Colorant Solutions - Process

          Take color quality and consistency to the next level.

          Watch Now

          Fiber Colorant Solutions

          Learn how?MagIQ Liquid Fiber Colorants?puts?a new spin on fiber coloration.

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          Product Bulletin: Fiber Colorant Solutions

          MagIQ Liquid Fiber Colorants combine advanced liquid color formulations with state of-the-art, high-pressure metering equipment.